i honestly have a hard time writing anything meaningful about myself when given the chance! it's hard to explain who i am without relation to interests or ideals, but i never want anyone to assume i'm only made up of material things. i'm a fully fledged grown dog! multiple ones, in fact!
Interests: paranormal stuff, anything you'd consider an oddity, zoology (especially marine biology), abnormal psychology, puppetry, cooking science (cooking in general but have you ever seen an episode of good eats?), and much more! i am a plethora of fun facts!
Media Interests: final fantasy 14, dragon ball z, fire emblem, x-files, warrior cats, mlp, scooby doo, phineas and ferb, the muppets, slenderverse/args, so so so many little cartoons and animes that i can't think to list!
Fav Music: los campesinos!, hop along (frances quinlan also), pup, rilo kiley, vylet pony, now, now, the avalanches, so much more i love music please talk to me about music!!!