our meeting was never written in the stars, merely a coincidence that we stumbled upon each other. in a world so large and grand, the chances of our paths crossing are slim to none, yet here you stand before me, and here i stand before you.
good morning, im glad you woke up today!

my soul goes by the title of "laika", desires no gender, and is the ripe old age of beyond mortal comprehension, though this body has been around for 22 years. i have never coded before and tend to recode and rewrite my pages often! the world is always changing and i am not immune to morphing with it. thank you for taking a peak at my corner of the universe, i hope we meet again in the next life!

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7/13/22: hello! apologies for the radio silence, ive been thinking more about this site and decided im going to delete a number of pages and rework things again. ive been in a state of paralysis with this site due to my own personal feelings about how i interact with the internet and how much i simply just dont enjoy talking about myself on here anymore! on anywhere truly. i put up expectations for myself, a specific persona to follow, and then let myself down when i cant meet those standards and ghost. and thats not cool! its not good for me and its not good for anyone trying to interact with me. im gonna delete my journal pages and possibly my more indepth about, we will see! im not sure where ill go from here, but thank you everyone for your patience. :]

4/29/22: waahhhh journal pages added... maayyyy switch some more pages up here but we shall see... ill actually add updates to the journal pages soon i just wanted to get them set up! :]

4/7/22: okie i am back open to the public!!!!! ignore any pages that havent been built yet i am getting there slow and steady!!!

4/6/22: some secret pages done... ill open back up for the public soon! i want to finish the linked pages first, sorry if i change stuff around still! ^^'

3/31/22: home page DONE that took so much experimenting teehee on to the next ones..

3/29/22: redoing all of this!!! theres gonna be a lotta empty/unfinished pages until i can figure things out, thanks for your patience!!