It's hard for everyone to find their footing in life, what their passions are and where they belong. It comes much easier to some than others. Everyone has a purpose, personal or divine. You might feel your purpose isn't as meaningful as another, but I promise you it is. If it matters to you, then it is meaningful. I know it's hard to grasp onto that idea. The universe seems so against the wandering souls who haven't yet found their place. It's hard to get up in the morning, hard to go to work, hard to make dinner, hard to pay bills. It seems pointless, shouldn't you be out there being happy? Not whatever this is. Aways stuck in a hole, only to fall into a new, deeper, one the second you manage to climb out. I wish I had advice to give you, some magical cure to end your problems and help you find joy. I do not. I just have the knowledge that life goes on. You are alive here and now, and the only way to find that purpose you crave is to stay that way. Survive so you may find a day where you never question your existance again. Survive so you can form the family you never had. Survive so you can indulge in all the little joys of life. Survive so you can be at peace with yourself. Survive so we can meet again, long after our souls depart this world, and we can start anew. You'll find your purpose in time, I'm sure of it.
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